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Easy to send your student the money they need. - Money can be added to an account online and will be available in as little as 5 minutes.

Know where your money is going- MUBucks can be used for food, textbooks and school supplies. It can't be used to buy alcohol. Your money will go towards the things your student needs!

Helps budget. - View your students balance and transactions online. Add money as need.

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Use the one card you always have with you. - no need to carry other cards, just your Miami ID card!

No more fees- You won't have to worry about being charged credit card fees, atm fees or even fees for overdrawing your account. With MUBucks, you always know where you stand!

It's convenient - Use MUBucks for deliver, take-out and dine-in. You can even leave a tip. Plus, your balance will always print on the bottom of the receipt so you know exactly how much you have in MUBucks.


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